Dive with us in the Red Sea of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay with a private house reef.

Free Guided snorkel tour of the house reef at 9:30 AM, and Free Try of Scuba at 11:30 AM daily. Both activities start on the beach in front of the Dive Center.

2 shore dives per day for certified divers. Meeting times at the dive center: 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM.

Night Dives every evening with min. 2 divers. (Night Dives by boat are offered with min. 6 divers.)

Weekly trips are organized to dive the SS Thistlegorm & Dunraven Wrecks, and to Dahab for diving the world famous Blue Hole & Canyon dive sites.

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Red Sea Scuba International Red Sea Scuba International, a division of Divers International Red Sea Group in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, is located at the Lido Hotel & Eden Rock Hotel in Na'ama Bay.

is a subsidary of Divers International Red Sea Group, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay in Lido Hotel with private house reef in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Advanced and Specialty Dive Training

The PADI Advanced Course consists of 5 dives, and can be completed in steps, 1 dive at a time or all at once by making 5 dives over 2 days. Each dive for the course is called an 'Adventure Dive', and each dive can also count as the 1st dive for the corresponding Specialty Course. When you complete any 3 Adventure Dives, you are eligible to receive the Adventure Diver Certification.

  • Adventure or Specialty Dives (1 Dive): 55€ (45€ pre-booked price.)
  • 2 Dive Specialty Course: 110€ (90€ pre-booked price.)
  • Adventure Diver Course (3 Dives): 165€ (130€ pre-booked price.)
  • 3 Dive Specialty Course: 165€ (130€ pre-booked price.)
  • Night Dive Specialty (3 Dives): 195€ (165€ pre-booked price)
  • 4 Dive Specialty Course: 220€ (175€ pre-booked price.)
  • *Advanced Open Water Course (5 Dives): 250€ (200€ pre-booked price.)

*Check our special offers for additional discount!

The Advanced and Adventure Diver Courses include full equipment, bottles (12L air), weights & belt, professional instructor, and hotel transfers for all course activities. Single Adventure Dives and Specialty Courses do not include equipment; 25€ per day / 15€ per dive.

PADI manual and certification are not included, which cost 40€ for the manual and 40€ for the certification, total 80€. PADI requires each student to have their own manual for each course.

Curriculum for the Advanced Open Water Course

The Deep and Navigation dives are compulsory dives for the Advanced Course, plus 3 other optional dives to be decided between you and your instructor, based on your level of experience and diving interests.

  • The Advanced Open Water Course (AOWC) consists of 5 dives. There is no classroom time or video lessons for this course, as the Advanced Course is about expanding on information you already learned in the Open Water Course and gaining more specialized dive experience for the type of diving that interests you. The manual has a chapter for all of the dives possible during the course / 1st dive for each specialty course. It is necessary to read only the 5 chapters for the 5 dives you will make during the course and answer the "Knowledge Review" questions at the end of each chapter. Your instructor will review the answers to the questions with you, then make an extended dive briefing before completing the dive. After successful completion of the course, the Advanced Open Water license allows you to dive to 30 meters with another certified diver of the same level or higher.
  • The Adventure Diver Course (ADC) includes any 3 Adventure Dives, and it is possible to upgrade to the Advanced Certification at any time in the future by completing the last 2 Adventure Dives for the Advanced Course. After successful completion of the course, the Adventure Diver license allows you to dive to 18 / 30 meters, according to your training, with another certified diver of the same level or higher. This course is ideal for Jr. level divers under 15 years old, as the maximum depth is 21 meters for Jr. Advanced Open Water. It is better to wait until the age of 15, so the Deep dive can be made to 30 meters instead of 21 meters.
  • Adventure Dives: 1 dive for the Advanced Course, which is also the first dive for the corresponding Speciality Course. You will receive a Referral Form which you can provide to any PADI Instructor or PADI Dive Center when you are ready to complete the certification for the Adventrure Diver, Advanced, or any Specialty Course. Adventure Dives are perfect for people who have limitied time on their holiday and would like to qualify for a specific dive, such as a deep dive. For example, after completing the training for the Deep Adventure Dive, it is then possible to make dives to 30 meters without having to complete the full Advanced Course.

The possible dives for the Advanced Course and corresponding number of dives to complete each Specialty Course are listed below:

Boat Diver - (2 Dives)
Drift Diver - (2 Dives)
Dry Suit Diver - (2 Dives)
Multi-Level Diving - (2 Dives)
Fish Identification - (2 Dives)
Underwater Naturalist - (2 Dives)
Digital U/W Photography - (2 Dives)
Peak Performance Buyancy - (2 Dives)
Night Diver - (3 Dives)
Videography - (3 Dives)
U/W Navigation - (3 Dives)
Weck Diver - (4 Dives)
Deep Diver - (4 Dives)
Search & Recovery - (4 Dives)

Special Offers on the Advanced and Specialty Training Courses

Red Sea Scuba Intl. makes it easy and affordable to complete advanced and specialty training with our special offers for flexible diving packages and continuing education courses.

  1. You receive 1 free dive toward a Specialty Course for each Adventure Dive, (up to 5 Specialties with the Advanced Couse), which are required to reach the Master Scuba Diver rating.
  2. Receive a 20% discount off full equipment rental during any Specialty Course or for any dive package booked after completing a course.
  3. Receive a 25% discount for any diving package booked after completeing the Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water, or any Specialty Course.
  4. Receive a 50% discount on any dive or course as part of your dive package. The equipment is also included during your dive package on the days you make training dives for the Adventure Diver or Advanced Course.

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