Dive with us in the Red Sea of Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay with a private house reef.

Free Guided snorkel tour of the house reef at 9:30 AM, and Free Try of Scuba at 11:30 AM daily. Both activities start on the beach in front of the Dive Center.

2 shore dives per day for certified divers. Meeting times at the dive center: 10:15 AM and 2:15 PM.

Night Dives every evening with min. 2 divers. (Night Dives by boat are offered with min. 6 divers.)

Weekly trips are organized to dive the SS Thistlegorm & Dunraven Wrecks, and to Dahab for diving the world famous Blue Hole & Canyon dive sites.

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Red Sea Scuba International Red Sea Scuba International, a division of Divers International Red Sea Group in Sharm el Sheikh Egypt, is located at the Lido Hotel & Eden Rock Hotel in Na'ama Bay.

is a subsidary of Divers International Red Sea Group, located at the marina of Na'ama Bay in Lido Hotel with private house reef in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

PADI Diving Courses - Learn to Dive

  • Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) - 1/2 day: 80€ (65€ pre-booked price.)
  • *Scuba Diver Course (SDC) - 2 days: 235€ (199€ pre-booked price.)
  • *Open Water Course (OWC) - 3 days: 330€ (280€ pre-booked price.)

*Check our special offers for additional discount!

Diving Courses include full equipment, bottles (12L air), weights & belt, professional instructor, and hotel transfers for all course activities.

PADI manual and certification are not included, which cost 40€ for the manual and 40€ for the certification, total 80€. PADI requires each student to have their own manual for the course.

Curriculum for Each Course

Each PADI course consists of the following:

  • The Open Water Course (OWC) consists of 5 video lessons (theory), 5 swimming pool or confined water lessons (1 to match each video, which we do in the sea on our house reef), and 4 Open Water dives. The manual has 5 chapters, (1 to match each video), and students will use the manual as a work-book and reference to the videos during the course. The manual also includes the Recreational Dive Tables which students will use to learn how to plan and organize dives independently. There is a final exam for which students must pass by a minimum score of 75%. After successful completion of the course, the Open Water license allows you to dive to 18 meters with another certified diver of the same level or higher.
  • The Scuba Diver Course (SDC) includes the 1st 3 video lessons, 1st 3 swimming pool or confined water lessons, and 1st 2 Open Water dives of the Open Water Course. There is no final exam for the SDC, and students will not learn the Recreational Dive Tables and how to plan and organize dives independently. After successful completion of the course, the Scuba Diver license allows you to dive to 12 meters with a professional Dive Master or Instructor who will plan and organize the dive. At any time in the future it is possible to upgrade to the Open Water license by completing the last 2 video lessons, last 2 swimming pool or confined water lessons, and last 2 Open Water dives of the course. It is not necessary to repeat the parts of the course already completed.
  • Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) consists of the 1st theory lesson, 1st swimming pool or confined water lesson, and 1st Open Water dive of the Open Water Course. A manual is not required, and a license or certifcation is not issued for this course. After completing the DSD program, participants can repeat open water dives to 12 meters under the supervision of an instructor, maximum 2 participants per instructor. A certificate of completion is provided, which is valid for 12 months, and can be used as credit towards completeion of the Open Water or Scuba Diver course at a later date. This program is perfect for people who would like to try diving first before committing to a course, or for those who have limited time on their holiday to complete a course.

A medical permission is not automatically required for the sport of Scuba Diving, however certain conditions or related prescription medications will require a medical permission from a doctor who specializes in dive medecine. Each participant will fill out a medical questionnaire to determine if a medical permision is required. In general, conditions (and related prescription medications) that require a medical permission are conditions related to the lungs and beathing (asthma / severe allergies), the blood and metabolism (diabetes / high blood pressure), and the heart and circulation. Please email us to ask for a medical questionnaire to find out in advance if you need a medical permission for Scuba Diving before planning your holiday. If you would like to get a medical permission while in Sharm el-Sheikh, we have a hyperbaric medical center with a world-renowned specialist in dive medicine.

Special Offers on Diving Packages After Your Course

Red Sea Scuba Intl. makes it easy and affordable to continue diving after your course with special offers for all students who complete a beginner level course with a certification.

  1. Receive a 20% discount off full equipment rental for any dive package booked after completing a course.
  2. Receive a 25% discount off any diving package booked after completeing the Scuba Diver or Open Water Course.
  3. Receive a 25% discount when you continue to the Advanced Course, directly after completing the Open Water Course.

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